Olympic gold medalist pulls out 5-year-old daughter's loose tooth with javelin

AZUSA, CA -- Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay has a tradition in his family of coming up with creative ways to deal with loose teeth.

So when it came to 5-year-old Ellie Clay's turn, she wanted her dad to throw a javelin -- connected to her tooth. (Clay won the decathlon in 2009.)

"I was a little hesitant at first, but after about a day or so of nagging... I was finally like, 'Ah, alright, I guess we'll give it a shot,'" Clay said.

The father of three made sure the tooth was "practically falling out" before attempting the feat.

In a viral video he posted, dental floss is tied to one of his daughter's baby teeth. That floss is connected to a javelin.

"Say goodbye to the tooth," a woman says off camera.

"Goodbye," Ellie responds.

Clay then throws the javelin across a track field at Azusa Pacific University.

Young Ellie was pleased with the results.

"I thought it was cool," she said.

The tooth fairy agreed. She left a note that read, in part: "Nice job with the javelin, Ellie! That was awesome!"
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