New York couple, combined age of 212, celebrate longevity

SPRING VALLEY, NY -- There will be quite a celebration this weekend in Rockland County.

One of the oldest married couples in the country will be partying. Their combined age: 212 years.

Duranord and Jeanne Veillard, by all accounts, have passed many milestones.

Duranord is about to pass another: his age. "He has no secret. But God is the only one who's been supporting him and keeping him alive for this long," said his son, translating.

Speaking in the native French Creole of his homeland Haiti, Duranord shares what secrets he does have for longevity with the help of his sons, who interpret for me.

On Saturday his very large family, that includes 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren, will gather for his 108th birthday.

"Celebrating his birthday and thanking God for the great life he has led and hoping God will preserve him a long time," said son Francko Veillard.

He's a religious man, a former lawyer and judge who moved to the United States in 1967. With Jeanne, they raised their sons and daughters. They've been married 82 years.

"Love at first sight," said daughter Marie Eveillard, laughing.

Jeanne too will pass another major milestone in May when she turns 105.

"She will be happy to turn 105 years old," said Marie.

Together with their large family, seeing to their needs, this couple live their years in comfort, nurtured by love, and ready to celebrate the next milestone.. as I wished them both a happy birthday!
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