Family affair: Mother and daughter serve same police department

MILLWAUKEE, Wisconsin (KTRK) -- In Wisconsin there is one police patrol unit like no other--a mother-daughter patrol unit.

For Sergeant Sheronda Grant of the Milwaukee Police Department, having your partner's back is important, especially when it's her mother, officer Sherri Porter.

When asked about what it's like to work side-by-side with her mother, Grant told WISN-TV, "I worry more about my mom than me."

Maybe at home, you do what mother tells you to do. However, when it comes to who listens to who in the field, daughter outranks mother.

"She outranks me and I respect that," said Porter.

"Only at work!" Grant exclaimed.

She continued, "Even then, not really because if she says something I'm still like 'OK, mom. Whatever you say.'"
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