Mom of 9, including 3 sets of twins, battles rare, aggressive cancer

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When an expecting mom learns that she's having twins, it can be a shock. (WLS)

When an expecting mom learns that she's having twins, it can be a shock.

You can imagine how surprising it was for the Kelly family to get that news three different times.

But it was a more recent medical diagnosis that truly unnerved them.

While fussy toddlers are nothing new, there is something very unusual happening at the Kelly home.

Catherine and James Kelly are parents to nine children, ranging in age from 2 up to 25 - and that includes three sets of twins, KOMO-TV reports.

What are the odds?

"I don't know. I don't even know. I'm still shocked."

It's a rare occurrence the Kellys celebrate. But they have another unlikely event turning their lives upside down.

Catherine Kelly - normally in the heart of the chaos - is battling a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer.

"It's taken me almost completely out. I'm nauseous. I used to cook, clean, you know, walk a million steps around this house," she said.

Catherine's now bedridden after a full knee replacement surgery to remove the tumor. She's about to have her fifth round of chemotherapy.

James helps with the kids, but he also needs extra hours at work to pay mounting bills.

"I try and be strong. I try to be the rock as best I can," he said.

The couple relies on help from family, friends and neighbors.

They hope by Christmas life will be a little more normal.

"I can get back to doing what I'm used to doing, which is taking care of all the kids and keeping them happy and loved," Catherine said.

If you would like to help the Kellys, there is a GoFundMe page raising money for both childcare and medical bills.
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