Houston photographer honors Elvis with adorable baby photo shoot

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- We can't help falling in love with a Houston photographer's latest photo shoot.

Liliana Serna honored the King of Rock 40 years after his death, with an Elvis Presley-themed photo shoot of baby Kaden.

He was born on July 30, and his mother, Katelynn Jackson was looking for someone to take pictures of her new baby. She scoured social media and found Serna on Instagram.

"I originally found her on Instagram under the Houston newborn photographer hashtag and fell in love with all of her Disney-themed newborn pictures," Jackson said.

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Jackson said they did the photo shoot when Kaden was just 12 days old. Serna had several outfits for Kaden, but she pointed out a few that caught Jackson's attention.

"She had no idea of the Elvis outfit. It was a surprise," Serna said.

Kaden was all dolled up in Elvis' most iconic jumpsuit, a black wig, dark sunglasses and holding a microphone.

Serna said the idea came from her daughter, who is a big Elvis fan. She realized it was nearing the anniversary of his death, so she found a couple of her vendors, Off My Hooks and Valarie's Boutique, to help with the clothes and accessories.

Baby Elvis was no trouble at all during the photo shoot. Serna said he slept pretty much the entire time.

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