Houston couple holds yard sale to advance adoption effort

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A couple is trying to raise money via a yard sale in an effort to adopt a child (KTRK)

A Houston couple say they have a lot to sell at their yard sale, but only one goal for the cash they raise.

Ryan and Renee Clary have a lot of things, but they do not have the one thing that matters most -- a child. The couple is trying to change that.

Renee Clary said, "We are trying to bring our baby home, we are trying to raise money to adopt."

Ryan and Renee are hoping to adopt a baby, but it's long and expensive process costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Ryan Clary said, "We've met some people who did not realize that it is such a huge cost impact to adopt a child, it is definitely not something cheap."

A GoFundMe site has thousands of dollars in donations for the Clary's and this yard sale will only add to it. Most of the items belong to the Clarys' friends from church who are making fundraising a top priority.

Emily Black, who helped with the yard sale, said, "They are the most deserving parents, we are thrilled for them to be able to have this opportunity and just as friends from church, this is what friends are for."

The Clarys believe this outpouring of love and support is a sign of good things to come.

Renee Clary said, "It's pretty clear that this is our path and this is where God wants us to be and it is overwhelming and we are just so, so happy."

The Clarys don't know exactly when they will be bringing home a baby, but no matter how long it takes, they say the money raised here today will be going to a great cause.
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