Cute toddler can't stand up in his Halloween costume

(America's Funniest Home Videos/YouTube)

It's not uncommon to regret our Halloween costume choices, especially when they are either uncomfortable or restrict things like walking. In an adorable video made available by America's Funniest Home Videos one toddler takes a spill when dressed in a cumbersome, homemade costume of one of the Despicable Me minions. Take a look.

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The toddler express his resilience, and the costume's endurance, when he immediately exclaims "I'm okay!" yet still unable to get back up without help. AFV published the video earlier this year, though it's recently resurfaced as a viral hit as Halloween approaches.

For those watching this month, AFV has announced their newest weekly assignment for Halloween, asking for your scare pranks wearing AFV host Tom Bergeron's mask. Take a look below and submit for your chance to win.

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What's a Halloween costume you've regretted in the past and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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