Diaper deals for parents of little ones

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- If you are expecting or have a little one, you know you need diapers, and lots of them.

The average baby will use more than 2,000 disposable diapers over the course of the first year, so it pays to find the best diaper deals.

The first tip is to watch for sales and start stockpiling as soon as you find out you're pregnant. Stack sales with coupons so you can save even more! Most stores allow you to use three like coupons at a time.

Use these printable diaper coupons to save even more:
- Coupons.com
- P&G
- Huggies
- Pampers

When it comes to comparing deals on diapers, check the unit price. You can usually find the price on the barcode or you can divide the price of the package of diapers by the number of diapers in the pack.

It also pays to know the rock bottom unit price per diaper. When you see prices this low, it's time to stock up.

Size one diapers - $0.14/diaper
Size two diapers - $0.16/diaper
Size three diapers - $0.19/diaper
Size four diapers - $0.22/diaper

Warehouse stores may not be the best deals. For example, at Costco, Huggies diapers in bulk cost $0.22 each. Huggies is on sale at CVS this week with two Huggies coupons you can use per pack, which brings the total to $0.18 per diaper.

For online shoppers, savings experts agree Amazon may be your best bet. Use Amazon coupons which is a page dedicated to online coupons you can clip. Stack those coupons with Amazon Mom, and you'll save an additional 20 percent off your purchase price.

If you want to save without clipping coupons or price comparing, try the store brand. At the drug store, the price for a national brand is $0.52 per diaper. The store brand is $0.31 each, a savings of more than $0.20 per diaper.

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