Couple turns to Ted Oberg for help getting wedding video

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- One of the most personal keepsakes from any wedding are the pictures and videos. Captured are the moments every bride and groom want to hold onto forever.

But for one local couple, their memories were on hold after they say their wedding videographer failed to deliver their wedding DVDs -- that was until they turned to ABC13.

In the end, a contract was signed, and payments were made in full. But for almost two years, newlyweds Valencia and Henry Pallerin-Reid only had a three-minute highlight reel to show for it.

"July 23rd of 2016, we had our big day," Valencia said.

They tied the knot -- and videographer George Drake was hired to shoot their video.

They honeymooned right after and when they returned, he had sent a wedding video highlight reel, but that short highlight reel was it, Drake said he needed still photos to finish the video.

"I sent those via email to him and he said he was going to finish everything up," Valencia said.

She turned to Ted, and we turned to Drake. He responded immediately and promised to send the couple their DVDs.

In a statement, George Drake told us: "the first year the bride wasn't worried about receiving the DVDs or providing needed information because she was finishing up school."

But the wedding was nearly two years ago, and Drake added, "I no longer shoot weddings. Haven't in over a year at least."

We confirmed it - Drake's wedding videography website is no longer published.

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