Couple finds instant love in Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Valentine's Day is a day for love and a Houston-area couple could be an inspiration if you're looking for a date. They met and married all on the same day.

Skye and Eric met on June 12th of last year, which is also the day they got married.

"I was infatuated," said Eric. "It's like we just started dating but we're married."

"I think it was partly a joke and it just kind of turned into why not?" said Skye. "It's crazy. It is."

The pair met over the picture sharing app, Instagram. Eric lived near Phoenix and Skye in Lake Jackson. They both drive Mini Coopers and began talking about their cars.

"We exchanged phone numbers, we texted a little bit, then we stared talking," said Skye.

The two talked for hours about everything; family, finances and the future.

"We never had a dull moment," said Eric. "There was always something to talk about."

The couple planned to meet face to face in Houston for the first time.

"Yeah, it seems unusual but it didn't seem, you know when someone's weird or not," said Skye.

"What made you think, I want to meet this person," she said. "I had to meet him. Why? 'Cause he's everything I was looking for so I had to take that chance."

But what about safety? How did they trust someone they never met?

"I got a little nervous but I felt pretty confident that everything he said was true," said Skye.

Hours after meeting, Eric and Skye became husband and wife at the courthouse downtown.

"I thought, what am I doing?" Eric said. "This is unheard of for anyone in my family to do, we're really old fashioned."

"I told my mom and she thought I was crazy, of course," said Skye. "But she was like, well if you're sure."

There's one thing the bride had to make sure of before saying "I do."

"I wasn't going to marry him if he wasn't a good kisser," said Skye.

Eric is now stepfather to Skye's seven-year-old son. They are expecting a new addition to their family in June.
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