Best, fully-fenced parks in the Houston area that will keep children safe

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The summer time means more opportunities to take the kiddos to the park, but not all parks are created equal. Some are open, while others are closed off.

Eyewitness News Consumer Reporter Patricia Lopez found the ones that might be the safest and less stressful for parents.

There are hundreds of parks in the Houston area, but with four little ones, local blogger Jill Jarvis needs the best option so she can keep an eye out for them.

Jarvis has a blog called BigKidsSmallCity, a go-to for things to do in Houston with the kiddos.

In a recent post, she offered park recommendations for parents who have children who like to run around at the park.

"I often get asked which parks I would recommend for parents with small multiples or kids that like to run off or just playgrounds that are easy to watch over," Jarvis wrote.

Judson Park in West University is a good choice. Jarvis said there are two fenced-off sections in the park, one for the big kids and the other for the little ones.

The River Oaks park called Pumpkin Park is another winner. It recently had a makeover and has been restored with a fully-fenced small and big playground.

Travis Spark Park is another fully-fenced playground. It is in the Heights neighborhood adjacent to a school. The playground has several ladders and challenging structures like a rock wall. A big highlight of the park though is the giant dinosaur bones that children can climb.

There are also spinning structures and fitness stations for young ninja warriors. But just a word of caution, there are no restrooms.

Quillian Center Playground is also fully-fenced. It's located off Westpark Drive near Beltway 8. The playground has two large play features, one which resembles a tree house. The other feature is covered with a large shade to protect children from the sun. Both areas are built on top of synthetic grass.

Jarvis lists playgrounds where it can be hard to keep track of your children:

Levy Park: "I love Levy Park, but if have a runner, it's hard to watch with all the mounds and tunnels."

Discovery Green: "I love this park too, but if you have someone that likes to run off, this space is really big and there is a lake you need to avoid."

Donovan Park
: "This is another amazing park, but it can be hard to see the kids in the fortresses."

Playgrounds for All: "I love the ramps for little kids and for kids in wheelchairs or walkers, and I love that they usually have rubber mats, but they can be hard to watch without following the kids."

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