Baby given to wrong family in hospital mix-up

LOGAN, West Virginia -- The emotions of two families were rattled at a hospital in West Virginia.

One family was given the wrong baby, while another family was looking for theirs in the nursery.

WCHS-TV reports both babies had the same last name - Perry.

Colton Perry was born just one day before Dawson Perry at Logan Regional Medical Center.

In the hospital, Arnold Perry and his wife were holding Colton, when they should have been holding Dawson.

The situation worsened when Colton's mother went to visit him in the nursery and he was not there.

"I didn't know he was in there long enough and to hold, take pictures, videos and everything else. When they brought him back, they had marked out my room number on his card and put theirs," said Heather Perry.

Both babies eventually ended up with their proper families.

"One little sharpie marker incident that she done, I could have lost my kid to another family. Scratching one number over another number, that little mistake could have been a big, big tragedy," said Dawson's father Arnold Perry.

The hospital is not commenting on the situation due to patient privacy.