CUTE ALERT: Baytown man rides tiny tricycle to teach grandson how to ride a bike

BAYTOWN, TX (KTRK) -- A Baytown man is showing the world that a grandpa's love has no limits.

Robert Campbell is a grandpa of two little boys. Ayden is 3 and Ryker is 4. They call him "Papo."

"My dad is my boys' best friend," Cyndi Cook, Campbell's daughter said.

Robert Campbell with his grandsons

One day, Campbell was outside with the kiddos.

"We were letting the boys ride their new bikes that my parents got for them. Ryker is very confident on a bike, but the Ayden, will only walk his bike," Cook said.

Cook said that Ayden asked his Papo to get on the tiny tricycle. So with no hesitation, Campbell jumped on the bike to show him what it looks to ride one.

"I didn't even think about looking silly. I just love being with my grandkids," Campbell said.

Ayden wanted to ride on the tricycle with Papo, Campbell propped him on the little handlebars and rode around with him for a bit.

"My dad loves his grandchildren so much, that he will gladly jump on a tiny bike if they ask without even thinking about it. I'm definitely glad I captured this moment on video," Cook said. "All boys have heroes like Iron Man or Batman, but for my boys, it's their Papo."

Robert Campbell with his grandsons

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