Family unharmed after car careens into Kingwood home

KINGWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- Normally the Rubio family would have been in the family room watching television. Late Thursday night, for no apparent reason, they were in different parts of their Kingwood home. A mom and her kids went to bed early. Klarissa Rubio decided to take a phone call in her bedroom. Gilbert Rubio was in the bathroom.

That was around the time disaster hit, just before 11 p.m.

According to a witness, a black Ford Thunderbird believed to have been speeding went airborne on the street beside the house, tore through a vacant lot, then crashed through the fence. Then it hit the house itself.

"I thought it was an earthquake," said Klarissa. "I couldn't see anything, just smoke from the gas and debris and glass everywhere."

The family room is now filled with sheetrock, the kitchen island is pushed against cabinets, and one of the car's headlights is atop damaged furniture pushed against a wall. The rest of the house appears untouched.

Gilbert Rubio considered what might have been a tragic outcome.

My niece was here with her 2- and 3-year-olds during impact," he said.

In all, seven people and two pets were at home when the wall was literally broken apart.

After he made sure the rest of the family was unharmed, his concern turned to the driver.

"He was talking, but his face was covered in blood. I called 911," he said.
The home belongs to Rubio's mother, who was away at a family funeral. She stayed behind while the rest of the family returned.

The home is insured, as is the driver, who was taken away by ambulance. Houston police are investigating the crash.

On Friday, the holes in the house were covered as insurance adjustors assessed the damage.

"I've seen stories about cars going into houses and I've considered the 'What if that happened to me,?'" said Klarissa. "You don't know what you'll do until it does happen."

For Gilbert Rubio, what happened he said reinforced his faith.

"I believe by the grace of God no lives were taken. Even the driver was able to be taken out of here by ambulance, but he was alive," he said.

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