Family evacuates meth contaminated home

A Washington couple was quick to pack out of their new home after they discovered it was contaminated with crystal meth.

"(We) feel like we completely lucked out buying this house because it's hard to buy houses nowadays," Amanda Gates told KIRO.

But, 10 days later, they packed up their boxes and couldn't be out fast enough.

The contamination was so high, it was dangerous for the couple and their three young kids, to breathe the air inside the home.

Amanda expressed to have been horrified, "I can't believe this is such a serious issue and it's not covered in the home inspection," she said.

The couple was unaware of the home's history of drug use, nevertheless thought to get the home independently tested for meth.

"It's a real issue. And, it's not something that your normal, average, everyday buyer would ever think about," Jason said.

State officials say they're hearing about more contaminated homes - especially with rental or foreclosed properties like the Gates'.

The real issue is finding out how many homes are contaminated because there's no required testing to move in.

"Everyone, we talk to, they're like what if this is in my house? How would you even know?" Amanda said.
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