Family claims their apartment is infested with scorpions

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Family says their apartment is infested with scorpions (KTRK)

An Arizona woman says her apartment complex is basically infested with scorpions, and she's worried about her young children.

"It's like a nightmare. We're living in a nightmare," Kayla Balodis told KNXV-TV. "This place is basically infested. It's not just one or two there. They're everywhere."

Balodis noticed the problem six months ago, when she moved in, and each time she went to the front office she says they acted as if the issue was no big deal.

To prove her point to the front office, Balodis caught about 40 scorpions in half an hour one evening.

"They're everywhere," she said. "I can't live like this. I'm afraid of the summer, because we moved in September, and we had an issue. I don't want to see what the summer is going to look like."

Within an hour after a reporter reached out to the complex management, Balodis got an email saying pest control was being contacted.
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