False alarm causes security scare on LA-bound JetBlue flight at JFK Airport

NEW YORK CITY, New York -- A false alarm caused panic on the runway at JFK Airport on Tuesday night.

Port Authority police surrounded the Los Angeles-bound JetBlue flight around 8:00 p.m. when it apparently experienced a radio issue that impacted the crew's ability to communicate.

JetBlue confirmed a false alarm was sent to JFK tower during the radio issue which prompted a strong police response.

"There was a false alarm sent to tower as a result of a radio communications failure. Aircraft was inspected and cleared with no security threat," a Port Authority spokesperson said in a statement.

Video from the runway showed dozens of emergency vehicles surrounding the plane.

Scared passengers tweeted from inside the aircraft. Police surrounded their plane and passengers were told to have their hands up as officers came on board.

"While communication was reestablished via alternate channels, authorities responded in an abundance of caution. The aircraft was cleared and returned to the gate for inspection," a JetBlue official said in a statement.

The FAA said it will investigate the incident.
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