Off-duty firefighter helped save man's life in Facebook Live shooting

ByShelley Childers KTRK logo
Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Firefighter speaks out after saving man shot during Facebook Live video
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Firefighter speaks out after saving man shot during Facebook Live video

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston firefighter says his instincts from training immediately kicked in when he was off-duty Easter Sunday and helping to save a man's life.

Chas Martin is still emotionally and mentally shaken from the gas station shooting that was on Facebook Live.

As he gained his composure during an interview with Eyewitness News he said, "I'm sorry, it is just kind of rough talking about it."

The victim, Devyn Holmes, was shot in the head during the video that was posted on several different social media sites.

He was sitting in a car with a man and woman.

Police say they were playing with two guns when the woman, Cassandra Nickcole Damper, accidentally fired a shot.

Woman accused of shooting man on Facebook Live appears in court

Martin, who said he personally knows Damper, was in a nearby parking lot with a group of friends when he heard the commotion that followed the single gunshot.

He said he walked over to the car, and began to take the victim's pulse.

"Sure enough, he was lying in the car, slumped over," Martin said.

According to Martin, Holmes had no pulse, but he made the decision to get the victim out of the car and begin chest compressions.

"I just went for what I knew. I just kept going, kept going, kept going, then I checked for a pulse again and his heart was pumping like a marathon runner," Martin recalled.

Holmes is alive today, and in stable condition at Ben Taub Hospital.

His family says he is still unconscious after going through surgery.

Damper was in court Tuesday for a charge of tampering with evidence.

Police say she initially lied to them at the scene, saying Holmes held the gun to his own head and fired.

In court, Eyewitness News learned after investigators saw the Facebook Live video, they bagged Damper's hands for gun powder testing.

She is accused of trying to remove the bags and clean her hands.

Damper is free on bond, but was given an ankle monitor and curfew.

"A $2,500 bond -- people get more for smoking weed. My son is fighting for his life and she is walking around free," said Devyn's mother Sheree Holmes.

Prosecutors say they plan to file more charges in the future and request a higher bond.

Police tell us they recovered two guns from the car.

The vehicle was registered to the other man in the car at the time of the shooting.