SOCIAL MEDIA MELTDOWN?! Users report Instagram and Facebook outages

If you found that you couldn't upload that early morning selfie to Facebook or Instagram, you're not alone.

On Tuesday, users reported outages on both sites, which appeared to have intermittent service. Facebook owns Instagram.

The website showed a spike in reports around 8:30 a.m., Houston time.

But Texas wasn't the only one having a social media emergency. Comments on the downdetector website showed people globally having issues from Norway and Sweden to Brazil and Hungary.

The problem had some people in the worldwide online community asking, "Is Facebook broken?"

Others who were having issues brought up another point about the Instagram and Facebook outages. What about the people who run their businesses on the platforms?

Some tried to create scenarios for the problems. "Would it probably be because Instagram is doing a wipe down? Deleting all fake followers, likes, etc?" one person mused.

Another took a likely uncommon approach to this social meltdown.

"Nice break actually," the person said.

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