Man accused of throwing explosive at Palace Inn motel parking lot arrested for public intoxication

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Man accused of throwing explosive in motel parking lot arrested
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Deputies in San Jacinto County have arrested a man accused of throwing some kind of explosive into a motel parking lot in Porter.

PORTER, TX (KTRK) -- Deputies have arrested a man accused of throwing some kind of small explosive device into a motel parking lot in Porter.

According to in San Jacinto County, Charles Bond, 57, was arrested in Shepherd Monday night for public intoxication.

Investigators discovered that Bond was the same man wanted by Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in connection to the small explosive device that was detonated at the Palace Inn motel on Highway 59 earlier that evening.

Mont. Co. Fire Marshal

Deputies say Bond walked into the motel parking lot and allegedly asked a person holding a shoe if "they wanted to see something cool," according to a news release.

That's when the shoe exploded, causing a loud bang. The blast sent debris flying across the parking lot, investigators said.

At the time of the explosion, there were several adults and children in the parking lot.

"There's a spark, explosion, then kaboom," witness Thomas Burnett said.

Those who were inside their rooms said they were startled by the same noise.

"The first little boom and then the second, it went across the parking lot and flew across to where my kids was playing and hit him in the face," hotel guest Douglas Bates said.

His son Chanting didn't know what hit him. He told Eyewitness News, "My ears were ringing and my face is still numb."

Residents say the Bond had just checked in, some of them even had a brief conversation with him.

"He wasn't thinking straight. Especially to just pull it out in front and blow it up in front of people you don't know," Josh Williams said.

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They say Bond said, "watch this" and pulled something from his car and lit it in the shoe. Burnett added, "He started screaming, 'I didn't do nothing, I didn't do nothing' and jumped in his car and took off."

Investigators believe it was some type of firework. Sheriff's deputies say Bond drove off in a 2004 blue Lexus SUV.

Bates added, "The guy seemed to be very intelligent, had money and drove a Lexus."

"Why he would do something like this with children out here..." Burnett said.

Later that night, deputies were doing a welfare check near Highway 59 and FM 3460 about a man who was passed out in a blue Lexus SUV. They found Bond to be "highly intoxicated," according to a press release.

San Jacinto County notified Montgomery County and deputies came to the jail to interview him. As of now, Bond is charged with public intoxication.