Lava bomb hits the roof of woman's tour boat during vacation in Hawaii

A Houston woman is finally back in Texas after an unforgettable ordeal in Hawaii when a lava bomb punctured the roof of her tour boat.

Lindsay Rostron shared her story in an Eyewitness News exclusive with Steve Campion. Rostron recalled the moment lava started raining down on the boat.

"It was awesome until it wasn't and then I just remember hearing screams and like stuff flying in my face and like it was really scary," Rostron said.

Rostron remembered being hit by bits of lava. She suffered burns and scrapes on her hand, legs, and body.

"Everyone is saying we got hit by a lava bomb. We didn't get hit by one lava bomb. We got hit by so much,"

She said she tried to shield her face from the falling bits of molten Earth.

"I was on the ground. Lava flying at my face. Trying to put my face down. I just remember thinking like I'm going to die. I didn't cry at all," Rostron said.

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A Houston woman recounts the terrifying moments after a lava bomb exploded while she was on a tour boat in Hawaii.

Coast Guard inspectors reported 22 other people suffered injuries from the explosive eruption. Lava bombs aren't unheard of in the area.

Boats must be kept back 50 meters from the shore. They will now be required to keep 300 meters away.

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A man is in the hospital after being hit by a lava bomb.

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