We could face power outages Monday after projection shows energy demand may surpass availability

Despite what the graph shows, ERCOT has not announced a conservation appeal like it did last week.

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Monday, July 18, 2022
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Texas' power grid has a projection showing how much energy customers are going to need versus how much is available to prevent blackouts. Here is what we saw.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Triple-digit temperatures are on tap again Monday, which means demand for electricity is going to test the state's power grid.

ERCOT, which monitors grid conditions, has a projection showing how much power customers in Texas are going to need versus how much supply is available to prevent blackouts or forced brownouts.

And, it shows we will be cutting it close Monday.

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As of Monday morning, the conditions looked good. The projection showed a teal line, which represents the amount of energy used was below the line which represents the amount of available electricity.

But by about 3 p.m. Monday, the demand line seems to go right up to the supply line. If the demand outstrips the supply, we can have power outages.

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Texans are used to hearing calls from ERCOT to conserve power on days like this, but that has not been the case Monday so we asked officials about potential for trouble. The company responded with the following statement.

"ERCOT expects sufficient generation to meet forecasted demand at this time. ERCOT is monitoring conditions closely and will deploy all available tools to manage the grid reliably. ERCOT continues to coordinate closely with the Public Utility Commission as well as generation resource owners and transmission utilities."

Last week, Texans saw projections that showed the demand outpacing the supply, but we did not see wide spread outages. ABC13 is monitoring the grid conditions and will let you know if things change.

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