'I have a really bad feeling': Family and Equusearch look for siblings who went missing days apart

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Exclusive pictures captured by Eyewitness News show a Galveston beach where charred remains of a burned out car can be seen.

Burned metal and broken glass are still visible after high tide washed over them. The family of Rogelio and Dina Escobar say investigators have told them it was where Dina's white minivan was found. The brother and sister are still missing.

The family has been searching for leads for days.

"My mom was last seen leaving this house to look for our uncle in a white minivan," Ligia Salamanca said.

The family is hoping for the best, but they're very concerned. Houston police enlisted the help of Texas Equusearch Saturday.

Volunteers searched an area near Hiram Clarke and West Orem Drive for leads.

Family members say the 65-year-old Rogelio disappeared first on Sunday from his home on Prudence Drive. His sister grew worried about him and went to look for him on Tuesday.

"Sister goes looking for my brother asking, 'Where's my brother?' and she goes for a ride with another relative, and now she's missing. It's very suspicious circumstances, to say the least," Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch said.

The family says they don't know why anyone would want to hurt the siblings.

"My uncle walks with a limp. My mom is always smiling and has short, blond hair," Salamanca said.

They describe Rogelio as small and frail, and Dina as the glue that holds the family together and a caregiver always looking out for everyone else.

While the discovery on the beach may be giving investigators some big leads, a burned out car and still missing loved ones don't make it any easier to sleep at night.

"We're hoping for the best, but it's been so many days I have a really bad feeling," said Salamanca.

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