Who you gonna call? Middle school students recreate classic 'Ghostbusters' trailer

If you can't wait for the new, all-female cast "Ghostbusters" film, these students have the next best thing.

The video above is "GhostBOSters," a film compiled by students at the Real to Reel Filmschool at Raw Art Works in Lynn, Massachusetts. It is a frame-for-frame remake of the trailer to the 1980's spooky comedy hit, with female students reprising the main Ghostbusters crew, and males taking on the parts of Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts' characters.

Of course, these students probably didn't have enough money in their allowance that the original "Ghosbusters" did, but they weren't afraid of finding clever ways to recreate some of the film's more expensive shots. The video below shows the original trailer and the students' side by side, giving more credence to the great job the students did.

Check out the fun, spooky trailer above.
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