Frozen overload? Mother ready to 'choke some cartoon characters'

The anthem of Disney's animated film "Frozen" is driving a poor mother crazy.

The video, posted by comedian Aunt Boo, starts with a little girl singing "Let It Go" in the background. Aunt Boo clearly has had enough.

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Aunt Boo explains the singing has been going on for three days straight thanks to there not being any school. Her profile says she lives in Goldsboro, North Carolina, an area of the east coast that's been hit with a nasty bout of winter weather.

After three days of apparent non-stop singing, you can tell cabin fever is starting to set in.

"All day. Frozen. Elsa. What's the snowman's name? Olaf." you hear Aunt Boo say. "If I ever could choke some cartoon characters it'd be them."

It seems many agree with Aunt Boo's feelings, sharing the video on Facebook more than 280,000 times.
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