Marvel reveals Amadeus Cho as 'Totally Awesome Hulk'

Amadeus Cho takes on The Hulk mantle in the 'Totally Awesome Hulk' comic book series this December. (Frank Cho/Marvel Entertainment)

In its latest move toward creating a more diverse comic book hero lineup, Marvel has switched The Hulk's identity from scientist Bruce Banner to 19-year-old boy genius Amadeus Cho.

The new comic series to debut in December, Totally Awesome Hulk, marks the first time Banner has ever shared the title of The Hulk. Written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Frank Cho, Cho's Korean-American background also marks the first time in Marvel history that the company will have a Korean-American lead character created by a Korean-American creative team.

Cho made his debut in 2006 in Amazing Fantasy vol. 2 #15 and has previously appeared as a supporting character in both the Incredible Hulk and Incredible Hercules series, both co-created by Pak.

But Cho is not at all like the tortured soul of Banner, who despised his curse of transforming into the Hulk whenever he lost his temper. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso says Cho actually loves turning into the green giant.

"For Banner, the weight was like a boulder," said Alonso." "For Cho, it's like a feather. And I think that's the distinction here. He loves being the Hulk: that's why he's called the Totally Awesome Hulk."

While Alonso confirmed that there will only be one Hulk in the comic book universe at a time, he also quelled fears that the beloved Banner would be retired anytime soon.

"Banner's story is not over," said Alonso. "It's far from finished. People shouldn't think that we're jettisoning Banner -- he has a place in the Marvel Universe, and I think it's going to become more fascinating what that place is in the coming months."

The Hulk is the most recent Marvel character reimagined with a new identity, following a female Thor (who is actually Thor's ex, Jane Foster); a Muslim Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan, formerly Ms. Marvel); and a black Captain America (Sam Wilson, formerly The Falcon).
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