Roman Polanski's victim pleads to end case: 'He owes me nothing'

LOS ANGELES -- Roman Polanski's sexual assault victim pleaded on Friday to end the court case against the famed director, saying she felt more abused by the legal system than by the man who she said sedated, raped and sodomized her when she was 13.

"You know, it's very interesting to make it worse than it was and call it horrific and assign all these words to it," Samantha Geimer told reporters at the Los Angeles Superior Court building in downtown. "But that's not what happened. I was there. I'm fine."

Geimer asked Judge Scott Gordon to either dismiss the case or sentence the "Chinatown" director to the six weeks he served in prison before he fled the country ahead of his scheduled sentencing in 1978.

"It just wasn't as traumatic for me as everybody would like to believe it was," Geimer said. "I was a young, sexually active teenager. It was a scary thing, but it was not an uncommon thing."

Due to extradition treaties, Polanski can only travel to three countries in Europe. In an effort to lift the restriction, Geimer came to court Friday to open a sealed document - one that Polanksi's defense says shows that there had been a deal by the district attorney to confine the director's sentence.

"The judge, in the presence of the district attorney, the defense lawyer and the victim's lawyer, (in 1978) said he was to do at the most 90 days," defense attorney Harland Braun said. "The judge changed his mind and was going to sentence him to up to 50 years."

Polanski's defense contends that he has already served a sufficient amount of time - including several months of house arrest at a chalet in Switzerland.

Gordon, who commended Geimer for her courage and eloquence, said Friday that he would take the matter under consideration. He has consistently ruled against Polanski's multiple requests for similar outcomes and has said the 83-year-old must appear in court to resolve the case.

"Some people can't get over things, but if you can, you should try the best you can and don't let anyone tell you how to feel," Geimer said. "Feel however you want to feel. You're not the person who did something wrong."

ABC13 doesn't typically name victims of sex abuse, but Geimer went public years ago. In 2013, she wrote a memoir titled "The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski," featuring a cover photo shot by Polanski.
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