Rodeo Houston transportation tricks you need to know

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- When 150,000 are trying to get to NRG Park for the rodeo during rush hour, it can be pure chaos. Of course, there's the option of packing your patience and driving, but you can also try an alternative means of transportation. Here are a few.

PARK AND RIDE: Rodeo Express and METRO Park and Ride shuttles run from certain locations throughout the area to NRG Park. "Those lots will have a Rodeo Express bus service in them, so when you pull in the lot, you'll see volunteers there to help you get on a bus," says Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo General Manager Joe Bruce Hancock. The buses will drop off and pick up at the Holly Hall entrance off Fannin.

METRO RAIL: "It's actually growing faster than any other transportation we have," says Hancock when asked about the METRO Rail. Hop on the rail and ride. The stop will be Fannin at Holly Hall, right outside of NRG Park. When leaving NRG, the rail line will be inside the park near Fannin and Hall Hall. There will be two lines: one going North and one going South.

TAXIS AND LIMOS: Taxi and limos are available at Gate 13 of the green lot. This is at Kirby and Murworth.

UBER: This year, you have the option of taking Uber. You'll find Uber at Gate 14 of the teal lot. This is at Kirby and Murworth.

The Rodeo Houston app is an easy tool to navigate through traffic, find transportation options, transportation pricing, and parking or pick-up locations. Or, go online to

And finally, the best time to go to the rodeo? Hancock says, "It's always better to get here as early as you can. Three, four, five o'clock is a good time slot to come to a 6:45 performance."

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