Pasadena man's near-death experience now Hollywood film

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- He was declared dead. His body left in the wreckage of a car accident. Then, a fellow minister drove up and prayed.

Don Piper says he spent 90 minutes in Heaven during that time then returned to life.

"It's never far from my mind," Piper said. "All music reminds me of heaven. Smells that trigger heaven are in my mind."

He took those reoccurring thoughts and wrote the book "90 Minutes in Heaven" about his experience that took place 26 years ago.

Piper and his wife Eva co-wrote the book and have been approached repeatedly about a movie deal. The Pasadena couple finally said yes to Giving Films, which will donate all profits to charities. The movie "90 Minutes in Heaven" stars Hollywood celebrities Kate Bosworth and Hayden Christiansen.

"I love a good movie, and now I am one," Piper said.

The film is true to the book, and Piper says it delivers the message he wants everyone to hear.

"God's still in the miracle business. He can bring you through the pain after tragedy and heaven is real. Jesus is the way," Piper said.

The story is also about trials. Even now, Piper bears the scars and pain from the wreck. His recovery took more than a year, and his family suffered as well.

"Our lives got turned upside down in a matter of seconds, but we made it through it. And I want people to walk out knowing if they did it, I can do it too," Eva Piper said.

Without their faith, the Pipers don't believe there would be a story to tell.

"We want to take as many people to heaven and we can and we want them to have a better trip on the way," Piper said.

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