Local entertainer gets props from R&B singer Chris Brown

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston musician is getting major props from a famous R&B star.

Sugar Joiko, 30, is originally from New Orleans. She and her family moved to Houston after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since then, she's been able to find her place in the music industry here in the Bayou City.

"It's opened our eyes for bigger opportunities," Joiko said.

Joiko has been a pianist and composer for about 20 years. She has her own band and performs around Houston often, also tickling the ivories at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar downtown.

On Thursday, Joiko said she decided to record a video for her social media followers, so she hopped on the keyboard and performed to Chris Brown's song "I love her" while it was playing in the background.

"I love Chris Brown's new album," Joiko wrote on her Instagram post.

Little did she know that her video would go to more than just her fans. Joiko's mother called her and told her that Brown had shared her video on his official Instagram account, which has more than 40 million followers.

"It completely made my day," Joiko said.

Brown's video of Joiko generated nearly 700,000 views and over 2,300 comments.

"She made this extra special," one user wrote.

"Love how into it she is," someone else commented.

Joiko said she was shocked with the reaction, especially since her video was just for fun.

"That was 100% freestyle," Joiko said.

She said she's been high on energy since Brown shared her video, and it has given her more motivation to continue doing what she loves.

"Sometimes it takes that boost to take you to the next level," Joiko said.

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