Ken Jeong says 'Dr. Ken' has 'heart' and will keep the laughs coming

NEW YORK -- "Dr. Ken" is off and running after a successful premiere, but the star of the show, Ken Jeong, says that it's the "heart" of the show that will keep viewers coming back for more.

Jeong said that he "wanted a show based on my life as a father and a husband as well as my medical background, and I really wanted it to be a family oriented show."

He's best known for his roles on "Community" and the "Hangover" movie franchise, and those are not exactly family friendly. This was his chance to contribute to the changing scene in television, and normalize the "Asian-American experience really because it's a multi-cultural show without proclaiming loudly it's multi-cultural, and in many ways we're normalizing it, it's a quiet process."

He feels that the Friday night lineup is a "perfect fit" for the show. And while his character "Dr. Ken" may always "overreact", Jeong says he's much more reserved.

Still to come this season, comedic actress Margaret Cho will guest star as Jeong's sister! Jeong says that it was great working with one of his "heroes" because she's a legend in comedy. "Every Asian American entertainer owes her a debt of gratitude in comedy," Jeong said.

Don't miss the second episode of "Dr. Ken" Friday night on ABC (8:30/7:30c)!

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