Jay Z launches new music streaming service 'Tidal'

NEW YORK -- Jay Z's announcement of a new music streaming service promises better high fidelity sound and music videos in high definition along with material not available elsewhere.

The buzz began when Jay Z bought "Tidal" in a $56-million deal earlier this year. He then recruited his wife, Beyonc, to join him.

"If the only way you hear the new Beyonc music is on Jay Z's new streaming service, that's going to be a motivation for hundreds of thousands if not millions to choose that service over his competitors,"

Add a roster of friends and his power grows. Friends like Rhianna and Kanye West who tweeted at midnight: "Together - we can turn the tide make music history, start by turning your profile picture blue."

The man who was born Shawn Carter who's world famous as Jay Z is showing the way and using the hashtag, #TIDALforALL.

Madonna referenced one of her lyrics tweeting "Music makes the people come together".

The manager who guided "Nirvana" and others says that this is all about the future of the music business.

"Because music streaming is becoming and will be the dominant way that fans around the world are going to listen to music and how artists are going to get paid for their recordings,"

Taylor Swift was the first superstar to take her music off "Spotify", complaining she didn't earn enough in royalties.

Her music is on the new "Tidal" according to "Rolling Stone," but Jay Z's premium service but will cost consumers twice as much as Spotify and it joins an already crowded field.

Apple bought Beats Music as part of a $3 billion deal with Dr. Dre and more competitors are expected as streaming services grow more popular.
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