Huge crowds head downtown for Taylor Swift concert

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Many concertgoers are paying big bucks for tickets, parking, and lots more (KTRK)

Taylor Swift is in town and getting ready to rock her fans, but if you are going, bring some extra cash.

It's like this every time there is concert, the price of parking surprises concert goers who are not used to paying, $50, $60, even $80 for a parking spot.

"Who would pay $30 to park downtown," we asked one fan.

Nickie Vogt and it she says it could have been worse.

"On the way down here we saw people advertising, $50, and $60, like the highest price I've ever seen for a concert. It was crazy," said Vogt.

You think that's crazy, another parking lot was charging $80 to park close to Minute Maid Park for tonight's Taylor Swift concert. So far few are actually paying that. But concert goers are still shelling out big bucks to park close to the stadium.

"We parked on the street and it was $40 which seems like a lot but it's worth it to see Taylor," said Swift fan Amanda Banks.

"Where did you park and how much did you pay," we asked some concertgoers.

"Lot C, $50 dollars," said fan Tina Stewart.

"What do you think about that," we asked.

"It's pretty high. I am going to try light rail next time," she said.

The parking price hike hits every time there is a popular show downtown. It's not considered price gauging. That only applies after a state of emergency is declared. Even so, fans are not too happy about the price to park.

"I was hoping it would be like $10, but then I saw how many signs that said not until 4 because of the Taylor Swift Concert, so it's a lot," said fan Lesly Vargas.
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