HBO responds to backlash of new series 'Confederate'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- HBO is responding to the backlash over a new series in the works.

It's called "Confederate," which is produced by the creators of the popular show "Game of Thrones."

The show is a drama that imagines modern-day slavery and is described as "a broad swath of characters on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Demilitarized Zone," including freedom fighters, politicians, abolitionists and executives of a slave-holding conglomerate.

#NoConfederate was trending on Twitter during Sunday night's episode of "Game of Thrones" after "OscarsSoWhite" activist April Reign encouraged people on social media to use the hashtag.

HBO says it has faith the show's producers will approach the subject with care and sensitivity and is asking people to watch the series before judging it.

"We have great respect for the dialogue and concern being expressed around 'Confederate,'" the channel said in a statement. "We have faith that Nichelle, Dan, David and Malcolm will approach the subject with care and sensitivity. The project is currently in its infancy so we hope that people will reserve judgment until there is something to see."

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