Gambling sites offer interesting odds for Game of Thrones

Winter has come! Who will sit the Iron Throne come spring? Betting sites are offering odds on who will rule in Westeros by the end of Game of Thrones.

The trailer for the seventh season dropped this week to huge anticipation, but fans will have to wait until July 16th to see the first episode.

House Targaryen has returned to Westeros with blood and fire. Daenerys Targaryen tops odds at 21/10. Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister follow at 4/1 and 5/1 respectively.

(Spoiler Alert) Jon Snow was revealed to be a Targaryen last season as the son of Daenerys' brother Rhaegar. Many fans believe that Tyrion Lannister is also a Targaryen and a half-brother to Daenerys.

Can the Lannister army withstand dragons, Unsullied and Dothraki? Despite currently sitting the Iron Throne, Cersei has been given 40/1 chance of staying there until the end.

Winter has come, but are the Starks prepared to face their words? There's a pretty big divide between the remaining Starks. Arya and her new assassin skills lead at 8/1, Bran follows at 10/1, and Sansa letting the family down at 20/1.

Bizarrely, the long-forgotten Gendry is 10th on the site - despite not appearing since he started rowing in season three. He could be considered Robert Baratheon's heir since he had no legitimate children. Will he row himself to the Iron throne?

Surprisingly, the Night King doesn't make an appearance on the list. Do these fans believe the show will have a happy ending? Then in the words of Ramsay Bolton, they haven't been paying attention.

Who do you think will rule Westeros at the show's conclusion?

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