'Fast Times of Ridgemont High' bus going on tour

VACAVILLE, CA -- A piece of '80s movie history is hitting the open road.

The iconic Volkswagen bus seen in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High,' is headed to a car show near year, serving as headliner during the bus' tour.

The bus that was once the ride of pothead student Jeff Spicoli was lost for decades before being re-discovered by Robert Skinner.

Skinner was just a sophomore when he saw the movie.

The now owner of the Vacaville Auto Body Center specializes in restoring the split windshield buses, with more than 45 at his shop now in various stages of restoration.

The stripped vehicle Skinner found needed some work. Using movie posters and photos, he and his crew were able to reoutfit the vehicle to its original movie condition, complete with disco ball.

Now the vehicle is being taken for a ride across California, paying homage to the movie.