'American Idol' contestant's Selena rendition has judges dancing

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'American Idol' contestant sings and dances to Selena (KTRK)

You can never go wrong with Selena!

Michelle Sussett lives in Miami and is originally from Venezuela. She got the "American Idol" judges dancing during her audition on Monday night's episode.

Sussett delivered a fun performance by singing and dancing to Selena's "Techno Cumbia."

It was so good, it brought Katy Perry to the floor, literally.

"A lot of people come in here with a lot of fear. You've got none. And you're not annoying. It's cute and fun. You make people happy." Perry said.

Lionel Richie commended her for being unique.

Sussett got the golden ticket and was sent to Hollywood.

Perry later tweeted "Me hiciste tan feliz que me caí en mi bum bum," which roughly translates to "You made me so happy that I fell in my bum bum."

Sussett replied to her tweet writing, "Aww @katyperry You wrote in spanish for me? i'm so happy i made you happy, i won't ever forget this moment of masterpiece in my life.. like, U CRAZZZY?"

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