'American Crime' creator John Ridley talks about new show at SXSW

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Oscar winner and creator of ABC's "American Crime" said he decided to shoot the series in Austin partially because of the state's tax incentive program for filmmakers.

"To the credit of the state, they really support the film industry. And there are ample tax credits that are given to support us," said the "12 Years a Slave" Oscar winner. "They create a culture where people like me can come from somewhere else, not know the space, not know the environment and never having been here before, but after a couple of weeks you really feel like you are part of the community."

Ridley was in Austin in part to sit on a panel and give advice to future filmmakers. Ridley also spoke about "American Crime" and discussed how he was approached by ABC executives to take on the project.

"The thought that a broadcast network, we were going to do a series that was provocative that was going to be emotional but also did not feel like standard television guard," said Ridley. "We tend to find ourselves in the cycles where events like this happen. We forget at the center it's about people, families and individuals."

"American Crime" follows two families that are impacted by a crime. The story is told through the eyes of the victim's family and those closest to the suspects.

Ridley also talked about the season finale and said the network has not picked up "American Crime" for a second season just yet.

"We don't have just one conclusion, we have many conclusions. All of them are emotionally appropriate because it's not dependent upon solving the crime, it's not a traditional 'whodunnit'. It really is about a journey for these individuals and their families their friends their loved ones," said Ridley.

American Crime airs Thursdays on ABC-13.
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