5-year-old boy proposes to 6 Disney princesses

ORLANDO, FL -- A brave 5-year-old boy proposed to six Disney princesses, one fairy and a queen while on a recent trip to Walt Disney World with his mom.

"I was really brave and a little scared," Parker Schoberl admitted during a Skype interview with Eyewitness News.

The preschooler, who lives in Newport News, Virginia built up tons of courage during his family vacation to the Disney resort in late January.

"Will you marry me?" he asked a total of eight characters.

Parker loves the princesses because "they dote on him and make him feel special," Parker's mom, Jenny Schoberl, wrote on her blog "Holdin' Holden."

Bad news? Parker's favorite princess Cinderella turned down his proposal. Good news? She asked him to dance instead.

Even then, Parker wasn't swayed from the task. Over and over, Parker got down on one knee and asked Tinker Bell, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Elsa for their hand in marriage.

So why the rush to marry? His mom says it was sort of a dare.

"We go every year and every year he just loves the princesses so much, and we like to do different things with the characters. We take lists of things to say to like Mickey and Minnie to see how they'll react and so this year, I said, 'If you like the princesses so much, you should marry them.' Thinking he'd be like, 'Oh no I'm never gonna do that,' but he was like, 'OK'" she said.

Fortunately for Parker, Tinker Bell accepted his proposal.

"He found a Tinker Bell charm on the ground after proposing to her and is completely convinced he's moving to Pixie Hollow to marry her, so his feelings are just fine," Jenny Schoberl wrote.

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