5 kids activities that are actually fun for adults

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5 activities meant for kids that are more fun for adults (KTRK)

Throughout our whole lives, we were told to grow up and act our age, but that may not be sage advice. Becoming an adult doesn't have to mean giving up childish fun and relegating yourself to a few mature hobbies. There's no reason that adults can't work hard and play hard.

It turns out adults need fun more than we thought. Recent studies show that playing reduces stress and the risk of depression and Alzheimer's.

"Childish" is seen as an insult, but these activities are not only childish, they're a lot of fun! These are activities you can do with your kids or just to get to feel like a kid for awhile.

Trampoline Parks
While many of the items on this list rely on nostalgia, these gems came to be long after many of us were children. The joy of jumping on a trampoline doesn't have an expiration date, although you'll notice you'll get winded much easier.

Slip and slides/ other ways to beat the summer heat
It's too hot in Texas to not enjoy cooling down. Sure, you could park yourself in front of the air condition, but why do that when you can have a little fun.

A big caveat in the fun of a slip and slide is being okay with looking silly and laughing at yourself. There are few graceful ways to slip and slide, but clumsy or not, it's all fun. You will have to be a little more careful than you were as a kid. Not only are you taller and heavier, you're a bit more breakable than before.

You can also enjoy water parks just as much as an adult. If the slides don't appeal to you, there's always the lazy river.

Classic games/ video games with adult twists
If you've been to a bar recently, you've probably seen a giant Jenga set. Many childhood games have be mixed with alcohol to create new and fun games. Loved Mario Kart? Try Beerio Kart.

One childhood game, Apples to Apples, has been made adult without any drinks added in Cards Against Humanity. But many prefer to add alcohol. We're also including coloring books in this category.

Fun Zones
These places come packed with go carts, laser tag and mini-golf which are all fun. Why do many parents wait on the side lines or drop their kids off? Join in the fun!

You may have to drive every day, but that doesn't take the fun out of go carts. Laser tag isn't only a great workout, but also an adrenaline rush. If you can stay awake watching the PGA tour, mini-golf should interest you. Work on your short game, while enjoying a livelier course than one you'd find Phil Mickelson playing on.

If you think naps aren't fun, then you're definitely not an adult. As kids, we fought against naps, but now we have to fight for time to get naps. There are many reasons to make time for them.

Studies show naps reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, prevent burnout, and more. Naps are an accepted part of adult life around the world and could be adopted here.

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