14-year-old blind musical prodigy plays piano with Billy Joel on stage

NEW YORK, New York -- It was a once in a lifetime moment for a special teenager who got to play piano alongside the Piano Man himself.

Logan Riman is a musical prodigy who always dreamed of meeting Billy Joel.

Before Joel's concert on July 11, Riman not only met him, but got to share the stage with him at Madison Square Garden.

The teen had already caught Joel's attention and admiration.

"He was born with something called Bilateral Microphthalmia, so he was basically born with no eyes. He wears prosthetics," said his mother, Leah Riman.

Born with no eyes, a cleft lip and limited verbal skills, the 14-year-old has been a whiz on the piano and has played since he was 2 years old.

It's a talent that he got to showcase back in April at the MSG Garden of Dreams Foundation talent show at Radio City Music Hall.

"He wowed the audience, and one of his idols is Billy Joel," said Darren Pfeffer with MSG Live. "So, we were able to make an experience to make this global event happen right here at Madison Square Garden."

The plan all along was to have Logan meet Billy Joel during the star's soundcheck. But no one had any idea that Joel was going to call him on stage.

"We were supposed to have a meet and greet. Just a meet and greet. When we got there, Logan got to talk to Mr. Billy Joel for a couple of minutes and he invited him on stage," Riman said.

And that's when the seven-minute duet started. Both Logan and Joel played "Piano Man" side by side on the MSG stage.

"He said 'There's a small difference between music and magic, and that was magic,'" Riman said.
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