How to get an internship for the most powerful man in Hollywood

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It's hard to get your foot in the door in Hollywood. But The Weinstein Company will help you for $50,000.

Charitybuzz is a website that auctions off unique items and experiences to its users, with the funds going towards a particular charity or philanthropic group. You can bid on anything from coffee with Google and Pixar executives, walk-on rolls in films and television shows, and luxury box seats to baseball games or concerts.

One of Charitybuzz's more recent auctions includes a three-month-internship at The Weinstein Company. The company is very well known for putting out award-winning movies and for the harsh verbal remarks of its founder Harvey Weinstein. The internship is a semester long within any one of its departments, and is listed at $50,000 in value with proceeds going towards the American Repertory Theatre. So far has six bids with the highest being $13,000 dollars.

Hollywood has been under much scrutiny for its history of employing unpaid interns, with many calling the practice an exploitation of labor and workers' rights. Plus show business has always been a "who's who" industry, where it isn't so much what you know that determines your success, but rather who you know. These factors have made it very difficult for students of less-wealthy backgrounds to make their way in the entertainment industry than their better-connected and more privileged peers.

While an internship at The Weinstein Company would certainly be a valuable addition to any burgeoning film professionals resume, having to cough over $50,000 for valuable work experience and still not getting paid seems rather sordid. But if you got up to $50,000 to spend and want to make your name in Hollywood, head on over to the Charitybuzz link below before August 14th at 1:00 EST to bid!

Charitybuzz Weinstein Company auction link
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