Woman has perfect solution to cousin's surprise engagement

It's no doubt that people will go to great lengths to snap the perfect engagement photo, but what happens when someone is really caught by surprise?

One young woman is receiving a lot of attention after she proved how far she will go to help one of her family members get the perfect picture.

An engagement photo that appears to be perfectly normal has been circulating the web, but it's the moment behind the lens that has people buzzing.

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The perfect image shows Jose and Diana, a recently engaged happy couple surrounded by balloons, flowers and the new bling front and center.

But another angle of that photo shows the illusion behind the seemingly perfect shot.

The hand with the beautiful ring is not Diana's, but rather her cousin Jenna who happened to have perfectly manicured hands that day.

Jenna says Diana is a nurse and never gets her nails done.

Since being shared on Twitter, the photo has received almost one million likes.
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