Houston girl battling cancer wants to meet Taylor Swift

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Ellie Fetner wasn't feeling well on Mother's Day. She found out soon after that she had cancer.

HOUSTON -- She's a young girl with a very grown up fight on her hands. And she's a huge Taylor Swift fan.

Sixth-grader Ellie Fetner is battling cancer. Her family first learned of her illness earlier this year over Mother's Day weekend. Ellie wasn't feeling well and after numerous tests, they discovered she had leukemia.

She has one big wish - to meet Taylor Swift at the superstar's concern here in Houston on Wednesday.

Her doctors have cleared her to attend and that's where you come in. Help make her wish go viral so that Taylor Swift sees it and can make arrangements to meet her.

So just how big of a Taylor Swift fan is Ellie? Below is a YouTube video she made a little before being diagnosed.