Elderly man robbed at gunpoint in apartment building for just $18

BRONX, New York -- An elderly man was robbed at gunpoint inside his own apartment building in the New York area, all for just $18.

The building's security cameras show the suspect pointing a gun at the 77-year-old man and demanding money.

It appears the suspect entered the assisted senior living facility just before 11 a.m. He boarded an elevator that took him to the victim's floor.

It appears no security personnel were on duty at the facility during the incident.

The victim complied and handed over what he had in his pocket.

The victim, who uses a cane, was not injured.

Maria Kolaczyski, whose mother has lived in the facility for 10 years, told Eyewitness News that she was shocked by the crime.

"(My mother's) very frightened. Very, very frightened. She's going to make sure she looks at the people from now on, but something to happen like this in this building is crazy because we have security here," Kolaczyski said.

Police described the suspect as a dark-skinned Hispanic man who was last seen wearing a dark-colored coat with a fur-lined hood, dark-colored sweatpants with red stripes on its sides and dark colored boots.
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