84-year-old man attacked by bear while sleeping in the woods

SIERRA MADRE, California -- An elderly man in California survived an attack by a bear late Tuesday night.

The 84-year-old man had been sleeping at a campground when the attack occurred.

He ran to a nearby neighborhood for help and witnesses called 911.

Kathleen Clougherty couldn't believe it when she heard an elderly man had been attacked by a bear in the woods near her home.

She said she had heard someone on her porch late last night, but she couldn't tell who it was so she did not open it.

The 84-year-old man had reportedly been in his sleeping bag, when the 200-300 pound bear attacked, clawing him in the face and arm.

Somehow he was able to get away and run into a neighborhood for help.

Clougherty says she doesn't know the man well, but he's been living in the woods near her home for years.

Officials say they saw several bears in the area overnight, but were not able to immobilize any of them.

They did get DNA samples of the bear from the victim's clothing and sleeping bag, and say if they do find the bear, they will euthanize it.

Homeowners in this foothill community say bear sightings are common here.

Despite suffering deep cuts from the bear, the man did not go to the hospital.