Meteorologist Travis Herzog travels hundreds of miles to visit more than 9,000 students

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Meteorologist Travis Herzog visited several schools in the Houston area this year to talk to students about weather safety.

"I used to suffer from severe storm anxiety, so it's a great joy of mine to help children and adults overcome their storm anxieties. My weather safety talk helps to bring those anxiety levels down as I bust some myths about the weather hazards we face in and around Houston," Travis said.

We rounded up all the schools and calculated the number of students and miles he traveled in the past few months.

Travis drove 1,282 miles and visited 9,643 students.

"I'm grateful for all the teachers and administrators that make these school visits possible, and I'm especially thankful for all the thank you notes and stories I receive afterwards from children and their parents. At my last school visit this year, one young boy told me, 'I used to want to be a firefighter, but now I want to be a meteorologist.'"

Congratulations to all the students who successfully made it through the school year!

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