Teen's 'promposal' to best friend with Down syndrome goes viral

Prom season is here and some people really go over the top to ask for dates.

They are called "promposals"--creative ways to ask for a prom date.

Rachel Newberry of North Carolina may have pulled off one of the sweetest ones.

In video posted online, Rachel Newberry asks her best friend Ben, who has Down syndrome, to go to prom with her.

Ben is handed flowers as he walks into an auditorium while Randy Newman's "You Got a Friend in Me," the song made famous in the movie "Toy Story," is playing.

Moments later, Rachel appears behind the curtain and asks Ben.

Ben breaks down in tears when he finds out she did this all for him.

The pair have been friends since they were young.

"I don't remember a time in my life when Ben and I weren't friends. Since day one we have had such a special connection that I have never had with anyone else," said Rachel.

Rachel said she always knew she would take Ben to prom. In fact, she told her mom as early as elementary school that Ben was going to be her prom date.
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