Teacher under fire for giving student 'Class Clown' and 'Most Talkative' awards

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana -- A teacher in Louisiana is under fire for giving a first-grade student two awards usually not recognized by educators as characteristics any student should be proud of - 'Class Clown' and 'Most Talkative'.

"A teacher like this...you're a bully," said Shaneka Hayes, the student's grandmother.

Student Hayden Albert received the awards during a classroom ceremony, along with a red clown nose.

KLFY-TV reports it asked school district administrator Joe Craig about the awards. Craig said, "In a different time, clown probably had a different connotation. The meaning of words evolve over time and I just don't think the connotation with the word clown is appropriate to these days."

Craig added, "Honoring the child for being funny is one thing, but the way the class clown award was presented was the main concern to the district."

Hayden's grandmother pointed out 'class clown' is not part of his character.

"As far is being funny, making people laugh, jokey-jokey, she said that's why she gave him that award. No, he's not like that," she said.