Student kicked out of graduation for dancing on stage

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina -- What started as a happy dance at a high school graduation ended with the dancing student being escorted from the ceremony, without her diploma.

"I was just excited to be graduating," said Mary Caldwell.

Mary had waited for this moment most of her life. When she got on stage, she did a little dancing and started twirling.

"I was waving at them because I was just like, 'Hey, can y'all see me?' I'm excited," Mary explained to WSOC-TV.

When she returned to her seat, an officer approached her and escorted her out of the ceremony without a diploma.

Caldwell said the school principal told her that her behavior was the reason why she was escorted out.

A spokesperson for Charlotte-Meckenburg Schools released this statement: "Any parent or guardian who has concerns about graduation expectations for student behavior and protocol should meet with school administrators to determine next steps."

Mary says she went back to school to meet with the principal and still wasn't given her diploma.

"I had 24 credits, that's the requirement. I didn't have any financial obligations. Why couldn't I get my diploma?" she asked.